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A Family-Owned Business Dedicated to Quality Roofing Services

Ridge Roofing is owned and operated by husband and wife team Alex and Jes Savely. While the company was founded in 2018, the duo has over a decade of prior experience in the industry. Even as a child, Alex was familiar with the roofing industry; his father owned a roofing company, and through him, Alex became incredibly invested in the business. Now, he and his wife aim to give you the same sort of excellent service Alex’s father gave others.

Ridge Roofing is continuously growing and we just recently added another person to our team! Amy Pederson joined us in the spring of 2021 as our new Office Manager. She is so excited to have joined our team! She loves working with people and has great customer service. She will be taking office calls, scheduling appointments, and taking care of logistical aspects of the business. She can’t wait to speak with you!

At Ridge Roofing, we treat you like part of the family. We love the Asheville, NC community, and we want to give back in whatever way possible. That’s why we always go above and beyond when giving our clients service. Whether you’re getting a roof repaired, installing gutters, or getting a brand-new skylight, we’re sure we can give you the high-quality results you deserve.

When you work with us, one of our owners will always be onsite to oversee the project and answer any questions. Give us a call today to learn more and get a free estimate. We look forward to working with you!

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