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Giving Back to the Community

At Ridge Roofing, we understand that, no matter how important having a solid roof is, sometimes you just don’t have the money to get work done on it. We care deeply about our local community, and so want to give back—in this case, by giving away a free roof. Every year, we’ll be giving away a free roof to a family in the local community. Already we’ve been reaching out to local families, and it’s given us great joy to be able to help however we can (read the article here). Now, we want to provide the same service to you.

Our next free roofing giveaway will be based on entries. Essentially, you’ll enter a name of someone you think deserves a new roof and why you believe so. Then, we’ll choose one of the entries, go to their house, and replace their entire roof for free. Just fill out the form below in order to submit your entry!

Roof Giveaway Entrance Form

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